Magento, a success story

The Magento ecommerce interface is one of the world’s leading platforms for online retail. Under an open source license, since 2008, this platform is catering inclusive and advance Magento extension development to the online business world. The mounting experience in “point of sales” and content management systems has made company grow over the past 12 years. Magento had a vision to provide tons of flexibility and customizable features, to enable their customers to adapt to future changes in e-commerce.

Customer segmentation:

You can customize your Magento admin panel,by an expert Magento wed developer for identifying your target customers through segmenting them by age, gender, location, and previous shopping behavior. You can create special promotions to for first time or returning visitors.success

Flexible Product Catalogs:

Online stores with hundreds of products can be quickly filtered and compared with one another to provide a smooth shopping experience. It supports customer personalization, precision of inventory management, unlimited product attributes, and allows to post different prices for different customer groups.

Persistent Shopping:

Online shoppers can log-in and switch between devices or browsers, and continue shopping at any time. This leads to a seamless user experience and fewer abandoned shopping carts.

Multiple Payment & Shipping Options:

Magento’s one-page checkout and guest checkout make purchasing quick and easy. Payments can be fulfilled through various major payment gateways including PayPal. Shipping is integrated with all major carriers and is calculated on real-time shipping or flat rates.

Return Management:

The return management system enables full control of the return management process, items can be specified for return, and determine return shipping methods.

Mobile Commerce:

Magneto’s mobile-optimized store fronts feature device specific media capabilities, user friendly search display, clean display of product pages, image scaling, cross-sell and up-sell capabilities, and customers can drag-and-drop products into the shopping cart.

Customer Loyalty:

Customers can create wish lists, register for gifts, purchase gift cards, redeem store credit, and earn customer rewards points. 

Magento Search Engine Optimization:

The website will feature SEO-friendly URL’s, customized meta keywords, descriptions, logo alt descriptions, categories meta data and titles for each product and category. Site maps are automatically generated and compatible with Google site map.

If you are web designer or a Magento extension developer, the fun and efficiency of using a magento platform will be quadrupled.


Hire Magento e-commerce experts

magento-limburg-maMagento is an open source e-commerce assistance that provides you the rich features, offers full flexibility to manage the content, looks and functionality of their e-commerce store. Moreover, it offers a customizable administration interface consisting robust marketing, search engine optimization and catalogue-management tools to give store owners the power to create sites customized as per their unique business requirements.Following points are to be considered while you hire a Magento programmer.

What are its advantages?

choosing Magento as your e-commerce platform empowers you with ultimate e-commerce solution with a potent combination of highly scalable design and an extensive support network. Considering the remarkable benefits of Magento ecommerce website and the ROI that it generates for the website owners, it has become the most reliable name amongst online shopping cart website owners.

Prefered Platform

Magento platform is packed with loads of user-friendly features.It allows you to update your ecommerce website automatically, which is not available in other e-commerce platforms.It is simple, quick and versatile, which makes it easy for customers to search and purchase products and services through Magento-powered websites. Besides supporting multiple website, Magento also lends support to online stores in promoting their inventory in diverse domains.Magento e-commerce platform features a powerful SEO, marketing and catalogue management tools so as to fulfil exclusive business requirements of merchants.

Search Engine friendliness

With easy built-in extensions compatible for any service makes your store and products more visible and easily found by customers through search engines. Complete control over your urls . Everything is completely search-engine friendly. Customize meta keywords, descriptions and titles for each product and category. Automatically generated site map and Google Site Map.

Unlimited Product Options

Magento’s product catalog is completely flexible to support any type of product you want to sell. You can create as many options as you like, each, or link multiple products to create groups and bundles. You can also create configurable options for customers to select before adding a product to their shopping cart.

Your Store Your Design

Magento helps you design your store to support your brand, products and customers, regardless of your design skills. Upload your logo and choose from one of our many professionally-designed templates to launch your store quickly, without any design knowledge required.

If you are familiar with web designing then hire magento developer, then Magento offers the opportunity for complete look and feel customization.

We have expert Magento Developers


In today’s knowledge based economy, many of us are looking for more than just a simple website. Years ago you needed a team of developers to build your website from scratch which was costly, time consuming and stressful. Fortunately eCommerce solutions have come a long way.

Instead of building a solution from ground zero, you can now choose from zillions of fully functional and customized web designs which are in easy point and click options.

Types of Flavor

There are two types of eCommerce sites – self-hosted and SaaS (Software as a Service).

SaaS (Software as a Service) is the term given to hosted services like The benefits for Saas is that the Upgrades and updates are handled automatically, No need to worry about hardware, Subscription based model instead of purchasing upfront, Worry free maintenance and Less costly than self-hosted solution. But it is most effective for content marketing.

A self-hosted solution is where you can download the software and install it in your hosting environment something like Magento development. It is an extremely powerful and robust eCommerce platform whose features are simply amazing. Apart from the default, the other features it include are marketing, shipping, and checkout, social media integration, promotions, reporting and analytics.

Why Magento stands out

After undertaking a research on various Magento web development services I consolidated on the fact that Magento gives you multiple linguistic options for your business to go global. Apart from Default languages like English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch. You can upload custom translations to your business.

For businessmen who love data analysis and numbers crunching, Magento’s communion with Google Analytics will be a dream date. Most of the Magento development Indian companies provides you the extension to track your customers from the moment they click on link of your website till the time they make the purchase. You can also integrate Magento with popular accounting, CRM, and shipping services.

Multiple languages, intensive reporting, full control of SEO, and their list of extensions are intimidating for people wanting to dip their toes into the eCommerce world.


Although every ecommerce solution has its definite advantages and disadvantages, it is important to have a clear concept of your prime business priorities while choosing the right platform for your e-commerce website.Because every business has individual requirements for creating the right system. Magento is one of the most preferred by business across all sections from start-ups, to SMEs to large enterprises.

Magento, an efficient option?

megentoIn any eCommerce implementation, system performance can mean the difference between satisfied customers and frustrated customers who shop elsewhere. In particular, PDP code performance issues can have immediate critical impact to the business. Although this type of issue is much easier to spot and fix using static code analysis than performance or scalability issues related to software design, the exact level of impact cannot be measured accurately without application profiling and monitoring, because these methods provide information on how often the code is executed and on what amounts of data.

Effectivity Survey

The Magento Expert Consulting Group (ECG) has conducted dozens of code audits of client code bases and mined about 300 common coding issues made by PDP developers. About 28% of all issues affect performance and scalability of the code. The top 5 performance coding issues represent 84% of all performance issues. They were encountered in 96% of client code bases.

So how can you determine what is best for your online store ? Magento development services vary with purpose and usage pattern. Magento conversions requires coding which in returns digs a deep hole in your pocket. But certain magento development services like risk mitigation of monetary transaction especially when you are buying online is really effective.When you choose the option of transmitting credit card information from server side using APIs, your server infrastructure becomes part of PCI compliance. On the other hand, using APIs from client browsers, excludes your server infrastructure from the scope of PCI compliance

The story of payment gateways
One way to determine which option is right for your business is to compare the cost of using a third-party payment gateway with the cost of storing credit card information in a data center. If you process a smaller number of credit card transactions, you might find that using a third-party payment gateway is more economical and the best option, provided it fits within your company policies. If credit card transaction volume is very high, you may find it more cost-efficient to store credit card information in a Rackspace data center and undergo PCI compliance audits. Your company policies and credit card transaction volume, along with other factors not discussed here, can help determine where to store credit card data.

Why to choose a Magento Platform

Magento-infoGraphic2Choosing an Ecommerce platform to set up an online store always becomes a challenge for businessmen. With so many e Commerce platforms available in the market each offering some unique functionality, look and feel, business owners fluctuatebetween options.
Magento is the most popular and fastest developing e Commerce Marketing platform in the world today.
But the question that why is Magento, a worthfullinvestment led me to investigate through Magento e-commerce development processes and was taken aback with its ample amount of services available:

Analytics and Reporting

Magento has an inbuilt reporting suit which enables monitoring consumer trends through out of the box integration with Google Analytics on topics like Sales, Tax, Low Stock of Products, Total Sales Invoiced, Total Sales Refunded, Best Customer Report and Number of Orders etc.

Customer Accounts and Service

Customers get the ability to save items to a wishlist and share with friends and family. Customers can view the Order status and track their Orders themselves.

Catalog Management

Magento has a dynamic and flexible Catalog Management system. Multiple types of products can be defined e.g. Simple, Configurable( based on size, color etc.), Grouped Products etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Magento has inbuilt SEO tools like Google Sitemap, URL Rewrites give full control of URL’s, Meta-information for products and categories, Auto-generated Site Map for display on site, Auto-Generated Popular Search Terms Pages etc. which generates Search Engine Friendly URLs

Order Management

Customers can re-order previous orders from their account and the admin is capable of viewing full order histories.Order Management imbibesmany features to View, edit, create and fulfill orders from admin panel, Email Notification of Orders, RSS feed of new Orders, Print Invoices and Create one or more multiple invoices, shipments and credit memos per order


it offers multiple payments options like Saved Credit Card method for offline payments, Accept Checks/Money Orders, Accept Purchase Orders, Additional Payment Extensions Available through Magento Connect, Integrated with multiple alternative payments gateways as well like PayPal, Amazon etc.

International Support

It allows the store to be presented in multiple versions based on the language and currency of localization with many International Support like Multi-Lingual, Support for Multiple Currencies, Tax rate support etc. It gives you 60 languages to choose from.

The number of qualified developers and designers dedicatedly working around the world on this platform has enabled millions of online store owners to grow their business at a rocket speed.Magento e-commerce solutions have a niche over other e-commerce platform for its plethora of utilities and simplicity of usage.

PSD to Magento conversion creates magic

The appearance of an e-commerce store plays a determining role in its success on the online platform. To ensure an appealing look for your website, PSD to Magento conversion is the best option. Excite markup follows a well-defined methodology and project management techniques to ensure your PSD is well sliced and Magento implemented in the most accurate manner.
What is a PSD?
A PSD file is the basic Photoshop format. It supports a number of features like clipping paths, channels and layers. The last one is especially useful since even after saving you have the option of editing a specific part of the image whenever you want to. What is more, a PSD file can be converted to a number of different formats, making it almost universally compatible.

Few simple steps to convert PSD into Magento HTML themes:

  •  Begin by planning your store. A good way to start would be a flowchart on the paper.
  •   Design it on Photoshop with logo, color scheme, fonts, etc to give it a unique identity. A PSD file with its layers is ideal for designing the basics including the home page, product details page, cart and payment page.
  •  Be sure to have ease of navigation through the navigation bar and gallery of products.
  •  Divide your store into sections so you can code it accordingly. The conversion of the images to HTML or XHTML is important in PSD to Magento Theme. The manual semantic coding technique will make the store search engine friendly and boost performance.
  •     After coding, the site needs to be integrated into Magento Admin. Here the directories are created and published into the web server.
  •     Finally, data is added. Date here refers to products for sale, their description, images and prices.
  •     Test it in different browsers to ensure that the appearance and functioning is perfect and speed is optimized.

Magento converted themes are very efficient, highly scalable and 100% accountable to your investment. There is no need to worry about the cross-browser compatibility, SEO and other code related issues. All the PSD to Magento themes/templates are pixel-precise, fully-customized, cross-browser compatible, hand-coded, Search Engine Optimized and easy to upload. It does add a complete new look to your business.

Hire Magento Developer

Having an exceptionally designed Magento eCommerce website plays a very significant role in making your online business a sensational news. Therefore, Hire Magento developers is proud to announce another starry addition to Magento extension development with Responsive online and mobile Store Development .

How do Magento Responsive web designs work? images
Because of the advent of handheld devices like smartphones and tablets, not to mention desktop computers and laptops, you can now view websites in different ways, but the problem is the layouts of your  website can possibly get disorganized when viewed using a particular gadget. If you have customization, for example, your logo comes on right side of your computer, you might be surprised that it is nowhere to be seen when you view it on your smartphone.

Why responsive ?
Speaking on the relevance of this invention a spokesperson quoted that “having a responsive design of a website means that the design adapts in terms of orientation and size, to the platform of the device, and to the behavior of the user.” Device resolutions, operating systems, and platforms come into play in this aspect and so Magento Responsive has definitely mastered the art of interacting with these factors.

Talking on the advantages the company said confidently “Having a responsive website has a lot of advantages – you save time and effort to make your site viewable across different devices. You can hire Magento extension developer to make them for you, but the problem would be faced by your pocket as you would have to pool in good amount of money. this app can help you save that extra money. This also enables you to control your website in one device. Store management would be centralized, thus giving you access on all your sites at once.”

Hire Magento developer together with its in-depth information and technical expertise delivers unparalleled Magento eCommerce Website design services with premium quality. Being globally certified by Google, Magento, and ISO, Hire Magento developer, is an ideal destination to get Magento design services for your any ecommerce website.