Magento and Customization

Magento is an open source e-commerce assistance that provides you the rich features, offers full flexibility to manage the content, looks and functionality of their e-commerce store. Moreover, it offers a customizable administration interface consisting robust marketing, search engine optimization and catalogue-management tools to give store owners the power to create sites customized as per their unique business requirements.

Customer segmentation


You can customize your Magento admin panel, by an expert Magento web developer for identifying your target customers through segmenting them by age, gender, location, and previous shopping behavior. You can create special promotions to for first time or returning visitors.

Flexible Product Catalogs

Online stores with hundreds of products can be quickly filtered and compared with one another to provide a smooth shopping experience. It supports customer personalization, precision of inventory management, unlimited product attributes, and allows to post different prices for different customer groups.

Persistent Shopping

Online shoppers can log-in and switch between devices or browsers, and continue shopping at any time. This leads to a seamless user experience and fewer abandoned shopping carts.

Multiple Payment & Shipping Options

Magento’s one-page checkout and guest checkout make purchasing quick and easy. Payments can be fulfilled through various major payment gateways including PayPal. Shipping is integrated with all major carriers and is calculated on real-time shipping or flat rates.

Return Management

The return management system enables full control of the return management process, items can be specified for return, and determine return shipping methods.

Mobile Commerce

Magneto’s mobile-optimized storefronts feature device specific media capabilities, user friendly search display, clean display of product pages, image scaling, cross-sell and up-sell capabilities, and customers can drag-and-drop products into the shopping cart.

Customer Loyalty

Customers can create wish lists, register for gifts, purchase gift cards, redeem store credit, and earn customer rewards points.

Magento Search Engine Optimization

The website will feature SEO-friendly URL’s, customized meta keywords, descriptions, logo alt descriptions, categories meta data and titles for each product and category. Site maps are automatically generated and compatible with Google site map.

The Magento Customization platform stands out as one of the most popular choices for online businesses all around the world with approximately 25% market share. With its rich set of features providing first-class functionality, easy point and click operating options for both users and store managers, Magento Commerce is the right solution for online retail. Magento Customization can boost profitability through increased visitor numbers, better conversion rates, cost-effective implementation and multi-store, multi-country and multilingual support.

If you are web designer or a Magento web developers, the fun and efficiency of using a magento platform will be quadrupled.


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